How to improve your study habits

March 12, 2006

I just saw this article as I was having a (short) break during my last minute revision for a mock exam I have later today…


Free Tickets to Antiques Roadshow

March 12, 2006

I can get tickets to the Antiques Roadshow at the NEC. If anyone wants them then let me know.


February 8, 2006

Apparently BYU have made an important breakthrough with regards to the effort to find a cure for AIDS.

My Server: Claire

January 26, 2006

So I have set myself up a server at home. All the software that it is running is free: Read the rest of this entry »

First Acquisition

January 26, 2006

Further to my post about, I’ve arranged my first acquisition:

I’m picking it up on Saturday afternoon.

Picture Game

January 26, 2006

Ten pictures appear in sequence and you have to guess what word links them all. All the pictures are from flickr.

The quicker you guess, the more points you get. Your guess changes colour when you get it right.

Keyboards are Disgusting

January 18, 2006

Apparently the average keyboard has 33000 bacteria per square centimeter compared with 130 on a toilet seat. Yuk!

My Cover Is Broken

January 17, 2006

So today I introduced one of my friends at work to blogs. She talked me into giving her the address of my blog — I mean an extra reader would probably mean boosting my readership by about a third so I couldn’t really resist.

Anyway, bottom line is that now work is reading my blog I have to be extra careful… It also means that if she plucks up the courage to actually comment herself then my disgraceful work behaviour might be revealed to the rest of my blog-world!

Free Stuff

January 16, 2006

You can get free stuff from Freecycle. You sign up to a Yahoo Group in your area on which people post stuff that they don’t want anymore. If you want it, you email back and then arrange to pick it up. Cool eh?

Free as in free beer.

Loss and Distance

January 16, 2006

What is the relationship between loss and distance?

I’ve had three of my grandparents pass away Read the rest of this entry »